SourceGas Custom Energy-Efficiency Program

Our Custom Energy-Efficiency Program is perfect for multi-family residences, large commercial and industrial customers and single family homes over 6,000 square feet. 

Get a technical energy audit of your facility, performed through SourceGas’ Program Administrator or an energy auditor/engineer of your choice, and we’ll pay 50% of cost, up to $7,500.00!  And it doesn’t stop thereā€¦

Reduce and Rejoice when we pay for up to 50% of cost, up to $50,000.00, for the installation of approved energy efficient equipment and measures, including but not limited to, heating and water heating systems, heat recovery, insulation, combined heat and power systems, and much more!  

Find out today how SourceGas’ Custom Energy-Efficiency Program can start your savings.

Click here for the SourceGas Custom Energy-Efficiency Program Application Form.